Quizz sur Banksy. Descartes.
par Zoélie, Carla, Kina, Cyrielle, Saya
8 questions
1. In which city did Banksy make a daily grafity during one month ?
a London
b Washington
c New York
d Venise
2. In which theme park did Banksy installe an inflatable doll dresses as a Grantanamo detainee ?
a Universal studio, Florida
b Dismaland/ Banksy's Disney in G-B
c Disney, Orlando in Floride
d Disney Anaheim, California
3. How much was the painting 'Little girl with balloon' sold ?
a 1.7 millions
b 1.8 millions
c 1.9 millions
d 1.4 millions
4. With which smiley expression Mona Lisa was caricatured ?
a Happy smiley
b Sad smiley
c Angry smiley
d Disgusted smiley
5. In the Natural History museum of London which animal was in the Banksy's artwork ?
a Giraffe
b Spider
c Rat
d Wolf
6. In 2019, Banksy hasn't been invited at the Venise Bienale so he decided to ...
a Expose his work in the street
b Make a grafiti in the city's street
c Expose his work in a Venise museum
d Dress up to come anyway at the event
7. Which sentence did he write on the wall of penguing enclosure ?
a "We want to go out"
b "We are tired of pictures"
c "Leave us alone !"
d "We're bored of fish"
8. In which year did Banksy enter in the British museum and expose a man with a cadie ergraved on a fossil ?
a 2002
b 2015
c 2005
d 2020